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Apr 08, 2007 OH NO!!!
Mar 21, 2007 1 Month untill my b-day!!

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OH NO!!!

Sunday Apr 08, 2007 05:42:00 PM

Last night I found a lump on Shelby's side!!! Its pretty big!! Dx I think its a tumor!! :( We're going to get her to the vet soon. If any pup has any advice on what it mite be please tell me!!! This can't be happening Dx!!

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Posted By: Mysterio 2009/04/13 08:32:31 PM
hi can i add u up

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2007/04/18 09:10:52 PM
Thank you!

Posted By: 2007/04/14 08:16:23 PM
Boomer, nothing or fat? so you think a dog with a large blueberry-like lump is ok?

Posted By: Murphy 2007/04/14 08:08:16 PM
Hey Shelby, Bumps can me quite a few things. I'd get to the vet asap. Good luck Shelby! Prayers your way ;)

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2007/04/14 07:09:08 PM
Thanks Jake..you help me alot!!! :)

Posted By: 2007/04/14 06:45:15 PM
Well, depending on how old the dog gets, they seemt o get more mature and relaxed. Like dustin, he was sooo lazy xD maybe shes starting to mature? *besides the part about the lump*

Posted By: 2007/04/14 06:43:42 PM
No problem Shelby <3

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2007/04/10 09:03:55 PM
Thanks Jake!! We didn't take her to the vet yet but things weekend we will!! Thanks for praying!! I'm praying as hard as I can!

Posted By: 2007/04/08 10:21:14 PM
hmm...did the vet say anything? its best to get some help from an expert first. For now, we are praying for your Shelby.

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2007/04/08 09:50:26 PM
Well......Shelby has been acting a little bit different....she is sleeping alot more and she's limping plus she dosen't want to run.

Posted By: 2007/04/08 09:29:45 PM
I'm definently no dog expert but I can give you a few ideas-could just be nothing or fat; tumor of some sort, or maybe somethings inflamed? Just brainstorming. Oh yes, is she acting strange lately? If so, please specify.

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2007/04/08 08:23:32 PM
Thanks. Its in a circle shape but it seams bigger today than yesterday when we saw it. Dx Thanks Allie and Coaoca!!

Posted By: 2007/04/08 07:42:46 PM
yea coaoca has one of them too its ok it wont harm her

Posted By: 2007/04/08 06:02:26 PM
Hey shelby, Allie has the same thing. Is the lump a blueberry ish shape? if so it might be what allie usually gets D; I hope she'll be ok

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